E 159 The Ethics of Executive Pay: A Christian Viewpoint (2010)

Differentials in pay have continued to raise questions in the media, and at times of cut-backs are especially controversial.

Although Scripture might be thought to have little to say on the matter, this study highlights how themes of justice, accountability and proportionality actually have a direct bearing on the issue. It proposes some clear criteria by which differentials might be evaluated.
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Author: Dr David Clough

David is Tutor in Ethics and Systematic Theology at Cranmer Hall, Durham and a Methodist Local Preacher. He is Technical Director of Matrix, an internet-based theological research project, and previously worked as a programmer developing applications for the World-Wide Web.

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Author: Revd Dr Richard Higginson

Richard is Director of Studies, Lecturer in Christian Ethics and Director of the Ridley Hall Foundation's 'Faith in Business' Project. He taught in a boys' grammar school before studying for a doctorate at Manchester University. He then taught Christian Ethics at St John's College, Durham for seven years. Richard is particularly interested in the theology and ethics underlying business practice. He and his wife Felicity have no less than five children! A reader, he enjoys walking, cricket and golf.

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