E 149 Caring for Creation: Part of our Gospel Calling?(2008)

Caring for the environment has lept up the political agenda, but for many Christians it still seems like an 'add on' to more important aspects of faith and theology.

This expert study by leaders in the field shows not only why care for the creation connects with central themes in the Bible and gospel, but also how closely intertwined it is with care of others, thus making it part of the central command to love our global neighbour.
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Author: Peter Harris

Peter is the President of A Rocha, a Christian conservation organisation which he founded with his wife Miranda in 1983, and has now grown into a network of Christian conservation organisations in 18 countries. Peter and Miranda now share responsibility for shaping the organisation's vision and ethos globally. Peter has also served as an adjunct faculty member of Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

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Author: Stella Simiyu

Stella is a consultant to the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and is currently seconded to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to facilitate the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. She is also a national committee member of A Rocha Kenya and an International Trustee for A Rocha International.

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