E 144 Ethics in the Letters of Peter and Jude (2007)


In 1 Peter we find a Christian leader coming to terms with increasing hostility from political powers, in a world where conventional morals are far from Christian. His response might be called subversive submission: making the moral choice of obedience with a good grace.

In 2 Peter and Jude we find those conventional morals threatening to corrupt the core of the church itself. Its antidote is a moral character empowered by the God who can protect his people from falling.

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Author: Revd Greg Forster

Greg is Rector of Northenden in south Manchester. He is also treasurer of a community project in Moss Side and an Independent Custody Visitor at Police Stations in Manchester. Other interests include practical archaeology and British folk music. For 14 years he was convener of the Grove Ethics series.

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