E 134 The Use and Abuse of Drugs (2004)


The church has a drugs problem. On the one hands, it reacts strongly against the illegal use of drugs, though often without offering workable policies. On the other, it usually has little to say about the use and abuse of 'therapeutic' drugs.

The root of this problem, argues Luke Bretherton, is that we have failed to think through the issue in biblical and theological terms. Rooted in Scripture but also engaged with the realities of drug culture, he sets out a coherent framework for relating to the whole range of questions drugs raise, and shows how this can lead to a convincing and workable response.

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Author: Dr Luke Bretherton

Luke is Lecturer in Theology and Ministry at King's College, London. Previously, he has worked for the South East Institute for Theological Education, the St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, and CARE. In addition, he was an organiser of Abundant, a collective of Christians who put on arts, dance and worship events that provided a creative alternative to the drug based dance scene in London.

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