E 120 Corporate Ethical Accounting: (How) Can Companies Tell the Truth? (2001)

Companies have to give a careful account of the way they handle their shareholders' financial capital. But is it possible to account for the way they use other capital entrusted to them - employees' trust, the environment, the livelihood of those with whom they trade?

This booklet introduces different approaches to this question, including the author's own system of social and ethical accounting, developed while working at the Christian trading company and development agency Traidcraft. The method has been widely adopted and developed as a standard for corporate social reporting worldwide.
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Author: Richard Evans

Richard was a director of Traidcraft plc from 1980-1997 and developed its pioneering Social Accounting Report in the early '90s. He set up ethics etc?Ķ in 1997 to advise commercial companies and other organisations about the same principles of ethical and environmental accountability to their stakeholders. He has been involved in developing reporting and auditing standards for the Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility and the Global Reporting Initiative and audits reports from the Co-operative Bank and Guardian Newspapers among others. He is a member of Holy Trinity Church, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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