E 118 Naturism and Christianity: Are They Compatible? (2000)

Naturism is often misunderstood by non-naturists, being treated either as rather amusing or as a dangerous opportunity for sexual license. But this engaging study demonstrates that naturism involves a kind of idealism with which many Christians would sympathise.

The booklet begins with a look at the origins of naturism, considers the meaning of nakedness and its place in the Bible and Christian tradition, and reflects on the actual experience of naturists and how Christians might respond.
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Author: Dr Dave Leal

Dave Leal is a Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, where he teaches philosophy. He writes on topics in moral theology, and is the author of a number of Grove booklets, including E100 (On Marriage as Vocation) and E101 (Debating Homosexuality).

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Author: Revd Karen Gorham

Karen is Priest-in-Charge of St Paul's, Maidstone, having trained at Trinity College, Bristol. Although not herself a naturist, Karen knows and supports many involved in naturism.

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