D 9 What Does Liturgy Have to Do with Doctrine?


Liturgy and doctrine have been intertwined from the very earliest points of the Christian church. Yet sometimes they are perceived as something for theologians and clergy to concern themselves with, but of little concern to the majority of churchgoers.

This study argues that regardless of how much (or little) academic theology we have read, we cannot avoid engaging with doctrine in the life of the church. And because the liturgies of the church play a crucial role in shaping the life of those who participate in them, if we care about doctrine, we must also care about how doctrine and liturgy interact.

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Author: Joshua Cockayne

Joshua Cockayne leads Holy Trinity Boar Lane, a church plant with a vision to love and serve the working population of Leeds. He is also an honorary lecturer in the School of Divinity at the University of St Andrews and teaches as a tutor with St Hild College and WTC Theology. His research focuses on spirituality, liturgy and ecclesiology.

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