D 6 What is Salvation For? Exploring the Human Experience of God’s Saving Work (2021)


What is salvation actually for? While its inherent goodness, restorative function and initiation by God to bring fulfilment to the whole of the created order are well understood, the actual human experience of salvation is a topic less often discussed.

This booklet explores a loose ‘template’ of what people are saved from, for, by and into, and asks how this relates to contemporary understandings of concepts like happiness and sin. It probes the ways that God’s saving work translates into human experience, so that the good news can be presented in all its fullness and richness.

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Author: Clive Marsh

Clive Marsh has worked in theological education for over 30 years. He is a local (lay) preacher in the Methodist Church in Britain, and is Principal of the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, UK. His most recent book is ‘A Cultural Theology of Salvation’ (Oxford University Press, 2018).

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