B 96 The Servant Songs of Isaiah 40–55: Interpreting Old Testament Prophecy (2020)


The suffering servant in Isaiah 53 has long been a subject of debate. Whilst Christians are in no doubt that it points to Jesus, Jewish readers highlight the lack of a match.

This masterly study considers all the options, and proposes a better way of reading. The passage describes the kind of servant that God is looking for in his redemption of the world, a work uniquely achieved by Jesus but continued by the community of his followers.

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Author: Revd Dr Philip Jenson

Philip lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Philip is passionately committed to recovering the relevance and power of the Old Testament for God's people today. Philip is Information Officer for the Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) and maintains their website ( He is married to Ruth and they have three daughters. He enjoys watching films, tennis, and playing the bassoon.

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