B 94 The Strange World of Elijah and Elisha (2019)


The narratives of Elijah and Elisha, spanning the centre of 1 and 2 Kings, are vivid, entertaining—and remarkably strange. Things happen that not only raise questions about the prophets, but also about the nature of God.

In this fascinating study we explore the literary devices of carnivalization and mirroring—and begin to discover a world in which things are not what they seem, and the stories offer some profound insights into the ways of the world and of our God.

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Author: Helen Paynter

Helen Paynter left a career in hospital medicine to become a Baptist minister, and is now also an Old Testament lecturer and researcher. She specialises in Old Testament narrative hermeneutics: her doctoral thesis was on humour in Kings, but her main research interests now relate the Old Testament to the ethics of migration and violence.

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