B 84 Owned by God: Paul’s Pastoral Strategy in 1 Corinthians (2017)


What overall strategy should guide the work of preaching, teaching and ministry in general in churches today? What was Paul’s own pastoral strategy as he sought to help an early church deal with a host of serious issues?  His approach is surprising, and offers vital insights for Christians today.

This study looks closely at the beginning of 1 Corinthians as providing keys to understanding the apostle’s method and aims as he went on to tackle his congregation’s problems in the rest of his letter. The booklet includes questions for thought and discussion, and could be used in home groups to take them deeper in study of the Bible.

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Author: Michael Thompson

The Revd Dr Michael B Thompson is Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Mike is an Episcopal priest originally from North Carolina. His special interests are Pauline theology & ethics and guitar playing. After teaching at St John’s College, Nottingham for seven years, he returned in 1995 to Cambridge, where he continues to lecture in New Testament and Greek for the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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