B 82 Kingdom, Hope and the End of the World: The ‘Now’ and ‘Not Yet’ of Eschatology (2016)


Eschatology is central to the theology of the New Testament, and has profound implications for a whole range of practical and pastoral issues. Yet the difficulties around some key NT passages often make us shy away.

This compelling study combines a broad overview of eschatology in the Old and New Testaments with careful exegesis of key passages in the gospels and Paul. In doing so it clears the air and will give readers new confidence in the teaching of the New Testament.

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Author: Ian Paul

Ian Paul studied pure and applied maths and worked in industry prior to ordination training and studying for a PhD in the interpretation of Revelation. After ten years in parish ministry and ten more in theological education, he now combines local church ministry with academic work in a freelance portfolio, including writing the influential blog

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