B 56 Reading Gospel Stories in Today's World (2010)

The gospel stories of Jesus are, quite literally, good news. But the way they are preached and taught can mask this, either by assuming that they are locked in the past, or allowing them to give false expectations, or implying that they simply present us with obligations.

This creative study looks at ways in which we can encounter the stories afresh as good news. It includes a worked example, and offers a range of strategies for engaging imaginatively with fresh perspectives.
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Author: Revd Dr Stephen Wright

Stephen comes from Northumberland, is an ordained Anglican minister and has worked in the dioceses of Carlisle and Durham. He is based at Spurgeon's College, London, from where he directs the College of Preachers' course programme. He is the author of The Voice of Jesus: Studies in the Interpretation of Six Gospel Parables (Paternoster 2000), and is married with three children.

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