B 49 Acts of God: The Message and Meaning of the Book of Acts (2008)

Acts is a sequel to Luke, continuing the account of what Jesus did and taught, but this time through his followers as they take the message from Judea and Samaria throughout the Roman world.

This remarkably clear and concise study is informed by serious scholarship, but it aims to help a much wider set of readers, those who are interested, intrigued or inspired by Acts, and who want a brief, brisk overview of the main issues in it.
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Author: Revd John Proctor

John Proctor is a minister of the United Reformed Church. Now retired, he has served in a Glasgow parish, a Cambridge college and the URC’s central office in London. John has written commentaries on Matthew’s Gospel (BRF, revised edition 2022) and the Corinthian letters (WJK, 2015), also several Grove booklets on New Testament themes. He is married to Elaine, and they live near Cambridge.

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