B 44 John's Jesus: The Message and Meaning of John's Gospel

John writes both simply and deeply about Jesus, and his gospel has been a source of insight and delight to many. But most of these readers will never have time to be specialists. This booklet is for them.

It aims to open up the gospel, to set out its main themes, and to show how it still speaks today. With comments on preaching and teaching on John, and pointers towards further resources, it is an indispensible introduction and overview.
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Author: Revd John Proctor

John is married to Elaine with an adult daughter and son. He works for the United Reformed Church, teaching the New Testament to students in Cambridge. Before that he was a parish minister in Glasgow. John has written 'The Christmas Stories in Faith and Preaching' (Grove Biblical booklet B 9, 1998) and 'The People's Bible Commentary: Matthew' (Bible Reading Fellowship, 2001).

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