B 42 One God Among Many? (2006)

We live in a world confused by its own talk about 'God/ gods'. How many gods are there? How many were there in biblical times? How does the 'God' of contemporary discussions relate to the particular deity known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God revealed in Jesus Christ?

This book introduces the state of the current debate about monotheism, and the identity of the Christian God, and asks the thought-provoking question: do we have enough 'gods' today to make sense of the kind of God-language the Bible uses?
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Author: Richard Briggs

Richard Briggs is Lecturer in Old Testament and Director of Biblical Studies at Cranmer Hall, St John’s College, Durham. He is also a curate in the Church of England, and his publications include ‘Reading the Bible Wisely’ (Wipf and Stock, 2011) and ‘A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch’ (co-editor, Baker Academic, 2012).

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