B 41 Luke's Jesus: The Message and Meaning of Luke's Gospel (2009)


Luke is the longest of the gospels, and for many people its picture of Jesus is the most natural and attractive of the four, with stables, angels, shepherds and parables of lost sheep, coins and sons.

But what are its themes, how is it shaped, and how can we use this gospel most effectively in learning about discipleship? This delightful study answers all these questions and more, and shows how Luke can help us 'on the way' with Jesus.

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Author: Revd John Proctor

John Proctor is married to Elaine, with an adult daughter and son. He was a parish minister in Glasgow, taught the New Testament for many years in Cambridge, and now has a central church role based in London. He has written a number of Grove booklets on the gospels, and a commentary on the Corinthian letters.

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