B 40 What's the Bible All About? Understanding the Story of the Bible (2019)

The story of the Bible has shaped Western thinking - indeed, much of world history. And yet many today have little grasp of what is perceived as a large and complex book, perhaps even one that is dangerously authoritarian.

This booklet offers a refreshing overview of the Bible's story - not a simplification but a careful summary - which will enable the reader to see how the different parts relate to the central themes of this life-changing, world-changing story.
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Author: Ian Paul

Ian Paul studied pure and applied maths and worked in industry prior to ordination training and studying for a PhD in the interpretation of Revelation. After ten years in parish ministry and ten more in theological education, he now combines local church ministry with academic work in a freelance portfolio, including writing the influential blog

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Author: Revd Dr Philip Jenson

Philip lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Philip is passionately committed to recovering the relevance and power of the Old Testament for God's people today. Philip is Information Officer for the Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) and maintains their website ( He is married to Ruth and they have three daughters. He enjoys watching films, tennis, and playing the bassoon.

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