B 39 Decoding Da Vinci: The Challenge of Historic Christianity and Fantasy (2006)

The Da Vinci Code is outselling everything in sight - not just because it is a page-turning blockbuster, but also because it sets out in popular form a new myth of Christian origins which taps into our conspiracy culture and mistrust of institutions.

But does this myth stand up to scrutiny? This study offers a robust answer, looking clearly at the evidence, and in doing so sets out with engaging clarity the real challenge of the Jesus of the gospels.
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Author: Rt Revd Dr NT Wright

NT (Tom) Wright is Bishop of Durham. He taught New Testament Studies for 20 years in Cambridge, McGill and Oxford universities before becoming Dean of Lichfield in 1994 and Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey in 2000, moving to Durham in 2003. He has written over 40 books at both scholarly and popular levels, in particular the academic series Christian Origins and the Question of God and the popular Everyone series of commentaries on the New Testament. More information, including several articles and some audio lectures, can be found at

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