B 34 Ecclesiastes: A Peculiarly Postmodern Piece (2004)

Ecclesiastes has, from the very beginning, been read in quite opposite ways - as a book of joy, with overtones of realism, and as a book of scepticism despite hints of joy.

Where does this ambiguity come from? Is it in the minds of readers - or actually in the text itself? If so, what does this imply for how we read Scripture, how we interpret Christian living - and even for how we make the gospel known in a postmodern context?
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Author: Dr Doug Ingram

Doug teaches Old Testament at St John's College, Nottingham, having previously taught in Lincoln, Scotland and London and been a lay pastor in both Anglican and Baptist churches. He is married to Sue, a primary teacher, and they have two sons. His current favourite past-time is scuba diving.

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