B 33 When Should We Divide? (2004)


There is much talk in the church at the moment of separating from others, on the grounds of disagreement about either lifestyle or doctrine or both. But what does the New Testament say about separating from others who profess the faith? How is discipline to be administered and to what ends? And how important is the unity of the body?

This study takes a careful look at both specific texts and wider themes and sets out some important implications for the church at this critical time.

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Author: Michael Thompson

The Revd Dr Michael B Thompson is Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Mike is an Episcopal priest originally from North Carolina. His special interests are Pauline theology & ethics and guitar playing. After teaching at St John’s College, Nottingham for seven years, he returned in 1995 to Cambridge, where he continues to lecture in New Testament and Greek for the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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