B 30 Is the New Testament Reliable? (2003)

The claims of Christianity stand or fall on the reliability of its founding documents, the collection known as the New Testament. But how do we know that this gives us a reliable picture of Jesus and early Christian belief?

Starting with what the NT actually is, this study examines in turn whether we can be confident that what we read is what the first authors wrote, whether the right documents were included, and whether these authors knew what they were talking about. It garners an impressive array of evidence that affirms the reliability of the NT as we have it.
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Author: Dr Peter Head

Peter is the Sir Kirby Laing New Testament Research Fellow at Tyndale House in Cambridge, where in addition to his research he teaches NT in the Faculty of Divinity. Before that he taught NT for nine years at Oak Hill College in London. He is married to Fiona and they have two lively children, Lizzie and Will.

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