B 20 Preaching with the Grain of Scripture

Despite their value, lectionaries, clear sermon structures, even the desire to 'preach the gospel', can make us turn a passage of Scripture into something that it isn't.

This booklet looks at what it means to preach 'with the grain' of Scripture—taking seriously both individual passages and their place in the gospel story, engaging sympathetically yet critically with traditions of interpretation, paying attention to form as well as content. It illustrates all this with actual examples and comment on them.

It will be an important resource for anyone who wants to see preaching have both integrity and interest.
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Author: Revd Dr Stephen Wright

Stephen comes from Northumberland, is an ordained Anglican minister and has worked in the dioceses of Carlisle and Durham. He is based at Spurgeon's College, London, from where he directs the College of Preachers' course programme. He is the author of The Voice of Jesus: Studies in the Interpretation of Six Gospel Parables (Paternoster 2000), and is married with three children.

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