B 17 Using the Ten Commandments (2000)

Opinion is divided on the Ten Commandments. It is not uncommon to hear the view that they are outmoded and irrelevant in the modern world ‚ nor the view that they are at the centre of Christian social ethics.

Avoiding both these extremes, this study considers the Commandments themselves in their context in Scripture, and examines ways in which they may be taught faithfully as an important part of the scriptural resources for Christian moral thinking. It concludes with some practical resources‚ written and visual‚ to support this.
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Author: Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells

Jo lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Jo is passionate about literary and holistic approaches to Scripture, and making tricky texts more accessible to the Church. She is married to Sam (a vicar and writer) and they have two young children.

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Author: Margaret Killingray

Margaret teaches at the LICC on discipleship, ethics, relationships and applying the Bible to today's world. She regularly writes Bible reading notes, and edits LICC's weekly biblical email.

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