B 15 Using the Bible with Children (2000)

What principles should govern the ways in which we use the Bible with children? Despite recent scholarly thinking about the nature of Scripture, much work with children follows a 'Sunday School' pattern focusing on a single story, a central character, and a clear moral.

Working from both the nature of the Bible and the situation of children today, this study argues that we should be putting our teaching in the context of the 'big story' of the Bible, and be faithful to the variety of ways in which the Bible itself teaches. It concludes with practical ideas to put this into effect and will be of value to anyone involved in the teaching and nurture of children in the church.
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Author: Rosemary Cox

Rosemary was formerly a barrister, and has been involved in working with children for many years. She is a graduate of London Bible College and of Trinity College Bristol, where she completed an MA in theology. She is currently preparing for ministry in Britain and overseas.

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