B 11 New Heavens, New Earth: The Biblical Picture of Christian Hope (1999)

When we die, what happens next? The subject of immortality and of the nature of the Christian future hope remains of huge importance. And yet popular belief, as shown in conversations, hymnody and preaching, is often strangely at odds with the New Testament.

This refreshing study combines a wide understanding of the New Testament with remarkable clarity of expression. It sweeps away misconceptions and offers a vivid picture of the New Testament hope of immortality.
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Author: Rt Revd Dr NT Wright

NT (Tom) Wright is Bishop of Durham. He taught New Testament Studies for 20 years in Cambridge, McGill and Oxford universities before becoming Dean of Lichfield in 1994 and Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey in 2000, moving to Durham in 2003. He has written over 40 books at both scholarly and popular levels, in particular the academic series Christian Origins and the Question of God and the popular Everyone series of commentaries on the New Testament. More information, including several articles and some audio lectures, can be found at

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