B 109 Paul’s Gospel of Love


About a quarter of the New Testament is attributed to the apostle Paul, yet many would not quickly associate him with an emphasis on love. What did he mean by ‘love’ and what role did it play in his understanding of the Christian faith?

This booklet makes a strong case for the love of God revealed in Christ as fundamental to the apostle’s theology and practice. It challenges modern notions of love and explores the surprising, practical nature of the kind of love Paul found in Jesus and what it can mean for us today. 

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Author: Gary W Burnett

Gary Burnett has taught New Testament and New Testament Greek in theological colleges in Belfast for many years, with Paul as his special interest. He is the founder of the faith and music site, ‘Down at the Crossroads,’ and is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which is ‘Paul Distilled.’

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