B 102 Living with the Letter of James (2021)


The Letter of James is both popular and engaging, with its vivid images, often drawn from nature, its direct language and its abiding relevance. But it also offers some challenges. Does it have coherence? What does it tell us about Jesus? And how should we avoid the traps in reading and preaching it today?

This perceptive and engaging study tackles all these issues and more, coming from an experienced biblical scholar and pastor. It will help brings James to life once more in teaching and ministry.

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Author: Revd John Proctor

John Proctor is married to Elaine, with an adult daughter and son. He was a parish minister in Glasgow, taught the New Testament for many years in Cambridge, and now has a central church role based in London. He has written a number of Grove booklets on the gospels, and a commentary on the Corinthian letters.

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