Writing for Grove

Grove booklets are a great vehicle for new authors—but we also work with established authors and 'big names'—and everyone in between.

If you would like to write for Grove, the first thing to do is to submit a proposal. This will be sent to the relevant editorial group who will consider whether it fits within the series. If they would like to take it further, they will be in touch, and might want to invite you to one of their meetings to discuss it with you.

Please complete the attached Proposal Form and email it to sales@grovebooks.co.uk

As you start to work on your text, you will need to refer to the Author Guidelines. These tell you everything you need to know about writing a booklet for Grove Books, including the process of interaction with your series editorial group.

Once you have completed your writing, and agreed your final text with the series editorial group, the Author Checklist tells you everything that we will need from you prior to printing.

The Memorandum of Agreement below is the formal document that needs to be signed when your text goes for publication.

When you have submitted the text and the other items on the checklist, now is the time to start thinking about promoting your booklet