About Us

At Grove Books, we aim to stimulate and equip Christian community by providing clear and concise explorations of Christian living and ministry.

We would like Grove Books to be your first call for comment on contemporary issues that is based on biblical principles, engages with best practice, and offers practical application.

We are evangelical and Anglican, and seek to engage with, learn from and speak to others.


Grove Books was started under the leadership of Colin Buchanan, former Bishop of Woolwich, out of discussion at Latimer House, Oxford. Its first title was written by Julian Charley on the ARCIC debate, and was published in 1971 as the beginning of the monthly booklets on Ministry and Worship. Two years later the Ethics series started.

The publication of 'News of Liturgy' and Liturgical Studies followed in 1975 and the Group for the Renewal Of Worship (GROW), founded in 1976, became the editorial group for 3 of the Grove titles. The Pastoral and Spirituality groups were added, with their own editorial groups, before the organisation was founded as a charitable company called Grove Books Ltd in 1985. The Evangelism series was launched in 1989 in partnership with Church Army, and the collaboration continues today.

By this time there was seen to be the demand for concise booklets tackling subjects relevant to the church from a distinctively evangelical ethos. With Ian Paul as the Managing Editor, and Susanne Thompson as Sales Manager, the company relocated from The Grove at St John's College, Nottingham, to Cambridge in 1995.

In 1996 the Biblical series was launched, followed in 2000 by the Renewal series, and in 2005 by the Youth series. The Education series started October 2009 and in July 2010 the Leadership series was launched

There are now nine booklet series: Biblical, Ethics, Education, Evangelism, Pastoral, Leadership, Spirituality, Worship and Youth. Each booklet series has a new title each quarter. Each aims to stimulate and equip the Christian community by providing clear concise explorations for Christian living and ministry.