Y 63 Building Resilience in Young People


Young people will at some point face adversity in their lives. Those involved with youth work have the opportunity to help them build resilience—a competence that can be actively developed, taught, practised, demonstrated and deployed.

This vital study explores resilience from a biblical perspective, for both the local church and schools. It outlines a holistic approach to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, and seeks to enable young people to fully be who God—who deeply values the whole person—created them to be.

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Author: Hannah Dengate

Hannah Dengate is Well-being Lead at Phase, a Christian charity based in Hitchin, having previously been a church youth worker. Holding both an MA in Applied Theology and a BSc in Psychology in Education, Hannah is passionate about helping young people flourish and thrive.

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Author: Liz Edge

Liz Edge is the Founder and Director of WIRED—a social enterprise in Poole supporting young people’s mental health. As a professionally qualified youth worker, holding a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Youth Work and Ministry, she is developing her practice to qualify as a counsellor and psychotherapist. In her spare time you will find her at the beach drinking coffee with her hipster husband, Nick.

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