Y 46 Gender-aware Youth Work: Confronting Gender-based Injustice With Young People (2017)


Eve and Adam were created by God as equals; interconnected and interdependent companions. So why is it that we often unconsciously reinforce gender prejudices in our interactions with young people?

This incisive, provocative study cuts to the heart of false assumptions about gender in both wider society and the church. It argues that gender-aware practice is critical if our youth work is to enable young women and men to become who God made them to be, liberated from—and equipped to counter—the constraints of gender injustice.

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Author: Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins is a gender-justice specialist. She speaks and writes on understanding and ending gender injustice, nationally and internationally. She is the founder of Spark—a consultancy that enables individuals and organizations to prevent and respond to male violence against women—and DAY, a youth-education programme on domestic abuse and exploitation.

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