Y 38 Surviving and Thriving: How to Sustain a Calling in Youth Work (2015)

Youth work has sometimes been viewed as the preserve of the young, a misconception that reflects a general shortage of longevity in this vital Christian ministry.

This revealing study offers guidance to full-time and volunteer youth workers on sustaining their personal calling. Taking the form of a conversation between two youth workers at the opposite ends of their careers, it calls for youth work that is founded on the love of God, lived through lives modelled on Jesus, and which is sacrificial, authentic, committed and long term.
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Author: Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox is Director of Heartland Youth for Christ in Coalville, Leicestershire. She trained as a language teacher in further education before following a calling into youth ministry. She loves Formula 1, Spanish food and British beach holidays, and has just bought her first sewing machine!

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Author: Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts has been involved in youth work for thirty years and sees no reason to stop. He continues to run a youth theatre, a small film team and teach drama at secondary level. He has three grandchildren who still consider him to be relevant.

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