W 242 How to…Create Atmosphere in Worship (2020)


When we gather for worship, all the technical things might be in place—and yet there is still something not right with the ‘atmosphere’. Why might that be? And what can we do about it?

This fascinating and creative study explores the contested issues around this question, and reflects on the impact that the use of our senses can have on atmosphere, offering practical tips so that people might have the best opportunity to meet with God. 

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Author: Revd John Leach

The Revd John Leach currently works as Growing Disciples Officer for Lincoln Diocese, following 21 years in parish ministry, six as a diocesan Officer, five as director of Anglican Renewal Ministries, and a few months as an IKEA truck driver. He also acts as a tutor at the Lincoln School of Theology and is engaged in Doctoral studies on charismatic Anglican worship. He is married to Chris, whose ministry is discipling children, and they have three grown up kids and a granddaughter.

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