W 240 How to Write Worship Songs: Resourcing the Local Church (2019)


Scripture urges us to ‘sing a new song,’ and there will always be new songs both because God made us, in his image, to be creative, and because our context is constantly changing. 

This expert guide, by two experienced songwriters, takes you from generating the creative spark, through how to compose and refine a song, right to the point of teaching it to your congregation. It offers an outstanding resource to budding songwriters in every tradition.

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Authors: Joel Payne and Sam Hargreaves

Joel Payne and Sam Hargreaves have been running Resound Worship for over a decade. They co-host a songwriting podcast, teach at London School of Theology and Nexus Institute of Creative Arts, and have both written lots of songs! Joel is employed by the Song and Hymn Writers Foundation, and Sam is full time with engageworship.

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