S 156 Spiritual Friendship: Bonhoeffer’s Practice of Intercession, Confession and Self-offering (2021)


Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the most acclaimed figures in twentieth-century Christianity. Underlying his willingness to speak truth to power was a firm commitment to the personal practice of spiritual friendship.

This illuminating study delves deep into Bonhoeffer’s thought, character and spiritual practice through the twin lenses of his early theological writings and his correspondence with a close friend, revealing the shared practices of intercessory prayer, confession and the forgiveness of sins, and sacrificial love.

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Author: Preston D S Parsons

Preston Parsons is a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada, currently serving in Kitchener, Ontario. He has advanced degrees from the Graduate Theological Union, where he studied church history, and from the University of Cambridge, where he earned a PhD in Christian theology.

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