S 155 Writing Spiritual Autobiography: Discerning God in Your Personal Story (2020)


Where is God in my life? How has God been at work? Questions like these often arise from a longing to find meaning or hope in the midst of difficult circumstances, a desire for intimacy with God, or a need to thank him for his goodness.

This practical guide suggests that spiritual autobiography can be a helpful tool for exploring how your personal story has revealed, and is revealing, God’s love. It explains how to catch glimpses of God’s bigger story unfolding around us all, and how we can learn new ways to live in light of that bigger story.

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Author: Erin Crider

Erin Crider taught high-school English for many years before God called her into full-time theological studies. She currently serves as an evangelistic speaker, adjunct instructor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and volunteer leader in various student and women’s ministries. Erin lives in Jacksonville, Florida, near family and sunny beaches.

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