S 136 Into the Garden: Cultivation as a Tool for Spiritual Formation and Community Renewal (2016)


God offers us cultivation and the language of the garden throughout the Bible as vital keys for making sense of kingdom living through intimate relationship with Christ, and for enabling spiritual growth and renewal. In an age when disconnection from creation is growing, this booklet, drawing on current case studies, urges us to return to practical cultivation and re-engage with the metaphors it offers for enriching evangelism and teaching, worship, discipleship, healing and community renewal.

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Author: Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an educator and facilitator for schools, churches, dioceses and NGOs in enriching Christian distinctiveness, ethos, values, RE and spirituality. Co-founder of Parable Garden, she also jointly hosts ‘Crossroads’ retreats, Waverley Learning and practises as an artist. She has lived and worked in urban and rural communities in the UK and overseas.

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