R 6 The First Pentecostal Anglican: The Life and Legacy of Alexander Boddy (2001)

Alexander Boddy is little-known as an Anglican. But as a leading figure in early British Pentecostalism his influence has been profound. His teaching of the early Pentecostal leaders, his concern for mission, his rejection of extremism, and his balanced view on the ministry of healing have all significantly shaped Pentecostalism down to the present day.

This succinct account of his life and ministry, setting out the man's character and convictions, will both inform and inspire.
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Author: Revd Dr Gavin Wakefield

Gavin Wakefield is the Director of Training for Missional Ministry for the Diocese of York, with oversight for clergy and lay development. He worked as a parish priest in Sheffield and Chelmsford, and was Deputy Warden of Cranmer Hall, Durham. He lives in Stamford Bridge, where he is also honorary curate, and enjoys hill walking, uncovering local history and travel.

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