R 4 Understanding Songs in Renewal (2001)

Charismatic worship is widely popular yet also subject to repeated criticisms of triviality and introspection. But much of the devotional power of charismatic worship songs derives from their memorability, familiarity, simplicity and flexibility. They help to shape and deepen the spiritual lives of thousands of believers from many different backgrounds and traditions.

This sympathetic engagement, borne out of practical experience, looks at the shape and emphasis of three 'schools' of worship songs - those of Matt Redman, the UK Vineyard, and Hillsongs Church, Australia - and more widely how the most can be made of charismatic worship songs in the local church.
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Author: Victoria Cooke

Victoria was a worship leader and student at Durham University from where she graduated with an MA in Theological Research. She is currently working as an accountant with KPMG in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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