P 83 Minister - Love Thyself! Sustaining Healthy Ministry

The clergy are the churches' greatest single resource, economically and strategically. Yet all too often they are neither looked after properly nor do they look after themselves.

This study, based on thorough research, sets out the most important strategies for pastoral support that could be - and in some places already are - happening. The renewal of ministry is key for both clergy and laity, and ideas here present an urgent agenda for the church ministering to an increasingly post-modern world.
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Author: Revd Chris Edmondson

Chris is Warden of the Lee Abbey Community and Conference Centre in Devon. He has been vicar of urban and suburban parishes in West Yorkshire and was for six years Carlisle Diocese's Officer for Evangelism. He is author of a number of publications on mission and leadership, including 'Fit to Lead' (DLT, 2002). Despite his move to the South-West he remains a passionate supporter of Bradford City Football Club and Yorkshire Cricket!

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