P 52 Christian Renewal in Europe: Lessons for Christians in Britain (1992)


This booklet was written following a sabbatical period of nine weeks in France and Germany, in 1991, visiting churches and communities that are into Holy Spirit Renewal. In the UK we have concentrated too much on what we can learn from the churches of the US and have neglected powerful insights from churches closer at hand. Since much of the information is out of date, the greatest value in the booklet now lies with the theological arguments for a strong commitment to Europe. Furthermore, the lessons drawn for the Church in England from the communities and churches described are just as valid today. The booklet notes that the French, in particular, have much to teach us about the value of Christians living in community.

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Author: Rt Revd Graham Dow

Graham is Bishop of Carlisle. He was formerly Bishop of Willesden, and has been involved in parish ministry, chaplaincy and theological education. The material in this booklet is the fruit of work and teaching both at the parish and diocesan level.

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