P 167 The Good News of Judgment: A Short Pastoral Theology


To the 21st-century mind, the idea of judgment might seem risible, irrelevant and distinctly off-putting. For millennials, ‘judging’ resonates more with capricious panels on reality TV shows.

This helpful guide argues that divine judgment is good news for those receiving pastoral care. With reference to composite case studies, it explores how to pursue pastoral healing by deconstructing unhelpful images of divine judgment and reconstructing an understanding that is critically informed, biblically faithful and pastorally responsible.

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Author: Chris MacBruithin

Chris MacBruithin is rector of Castlerock and Dunboe on Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast. He is married, with a son. His research interests include philosophy of language and apocalyptic discourse. Chris is a Franciscan Tertiary, and a member of the Grove Pastoral editorial group.

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