P 159 Preaching at Funerals: How to Embed the Gospel in Funeral Ministry (2019)


While the wider cultural landscape has changed markedly in recent years, the role of the Christian minister at funerals continues to be of great significance. 

This fully updated guide contains revised best-practice advice on the 2001 first edition. It explores the challenges and opportunities of preaching at funerals in the context of common responses to death, the biblical hope of resurrection and the liturgical setting of the Common Worship service. With comments on possible readings and advice on handling the different elements, it remains an essential handbook for this ministry. 

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Author: Revd Nick Watson

Nick Watson was ordained in 1992 after training at Wycliffe Hall and has served in the Dioceses of Durham, Derby and Lichfield. He currently serves in a large, urban and multicultural parish in Wolverhampton. He has revised this booklet from its 2001 version with the experience of about 1,000 funerals since then!

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