P 141 Miscarriage and Pastoral Care: Ministering to Sufferers of Pregnancy Loss (2015)

Despite being relatively common in women of childbearing age, miscarriage can sometimes feel like a taboo subject, with churches—in common with society at large—often lacking the understanding and insight to care sensitively for those whom it touches.

This careful study explores the theme of miscarriage and the pain, loss and grief that surround it, examining how churches can best support individuals and families who have suffered pregnancy loss.
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Author: Emma Major

Emma Major is a Licensed Lay Pioneer Minister at St Nicolas Earley, Messy Church coordinator for Berkshire and leader of Oakwood Forest Church. Her primary calling is that of mother to her daughter Rachel. She blogs at LLM Calling and has published children’s Bible stories and poetry about the death of her own babies.

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Author: Tina Hodgett

Tina Hodgett is Pioneer Team Vicar at Portishead Church of England. Her role includes traditional parish ministry and wider community mission. She has an interest in the spirituality of pregnancy, birth and first parenthood and blogs at Before ordination she was a teacher and educational consultant.

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