P 132 Church Merger: When Two Become One

In a climate of falling church attendances and reduced numbers of full-time clergy, the closure of churches is often seen as unavoidable. But there is an alternative that can breathe new life into all parties involved—the church merger.

This innovative study explores the challenges and opportunities of bringing two churches together, likening the process to a marriage with an attendant need for selfless love in the midst of difficult decisions and sacrifices on both sides. But the result can be a release of energy and resources that has the potential to bring new life out of apparent death.
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Author: Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has served as director of studies for a theological college in Hungary, as a lay worker and curate in France, and for 12 years as Vicar of Galleywood in Essex; he now helps train curates and other ministers for the Diocese of Chelmsford.

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