P 126 The Church and the Deaf Community: A Liberation Perspective from a Linguistic-Cultural Minority (2011)

The Deaf community have often been marginalised in the church as well as in wider society, and their experience is often of finding the church oppressive—something that surprises members of the hearing community.

How can Deaf people find their rightful place in the church, and even bring blessing to it? This wide-ranging study explores the key issues and suggests ways forward at a local as well as national level.
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Author: Bob Shrine

Bob Shrine is a Deaf Anglican priest serving as'vicar' in the Deaf communities of West Yorkshire. He is a member of the Archbishops' Council's Committee for Ministry of and among Deaf and Disabled People, and Chair of Deaf Anglicans Together. His other activities include working with a project involved in translating the Bible into British Sign Language (BSL), and teaching on a university theology course taught and assessed in BSL.

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