P 109 Celebrating Celibacy: Sexuality, Intimacy and Wholeness for the Single Adult

Celibacy is commonly understood to be a special, lifelong commitment, often for those in Religious communities. But in reality it is the chosen path of any who find themselves single, and from Christian conviction decide to abstain from sex.

Both church and world often assume intimacy can only be found in marriage or sexual relationships. But this study shows how a proper understanding of human relationships offers ways to live a whole, fulfilled and intimate life in which celibacy can be received as a gift.
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Author: Stephanie Couvela

The Rev'd Stephanie Couvela has been in full-time parish ministry since 1998, first in inner city London and latterly in Surrey. Prior to ordination she worked in radio and television. She is single and therefore celibate, and aspires to live in a world in which these things are not regarded as tragic, embarrassing and freakish.

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