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MEv 132 Intercultural Church: Shared Learning from New Communities (2020)


As communities of believers seeking to mirror the kingdom of God in all its breadth and vibrancy, how would church look if all cultures, languages and backgrounds were truly embraced?

This joy-filled study argues that intercultural, multi-ethnic church communities can broaden our earthly and heavenly perspectives and bring a tangible foretaste of the heavenly vision, where one day all nations will worship in unity and diversity. Intercultural worship is a riotous convergence of cultures and backgrounds—the church that God longs to see.

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Author: Ben Aldous

Ben Aldous is Principal Officer for Evangelism and Mission at Churches Together in England.

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Author: Idina Dunmore

Idina Dunmore is a Pioneer Curate at St John, Southall Green, coordinating the leadership of an intercultural fresh expression, The Table.

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Author: Mohan Seevaratnam

Mohan Seevaratnam is a Londoner of Sri Lankan Tamil ethnicity and an Anglican minister leading an intentionally intercultural church community, Mosaic.

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