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Ev 93 The 360 Gospel of Jesus: Every Angle for Every Person (2011)

In our concern to have a simple gospel to explain, we often narrow down the message of Jesus. This might meet our need, but does it engage with the needs of others as Jesus did?

Starting with the wide range of ways Jesus presented the good news of the kingdom, this study explores the implications of sharing faith by making connections with different aspects of the multi-faceted diamond that is the good news.
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Author: Capt Jim Currin

For more than 20 years Jim has helped congregations develop local strategies for mission. Formerly Carlisle Diocesan Officer for Evangelism, he is currently the Executive Secretary of the Churches Together in England Group for Evangelisation, and enjoys sailing and riding his motorbike, when not aka Capo the Clown. He is also convener of the Grove/Church Army Evangelism Group which produces this series.

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